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Rand & Rawson Studios cut our teeth “In the Bullpen with the Jockeys” and mastered “stat slave” and “paste-up” to a new level. That was in the old days, when we started apprenticing. We now do everything with computers utilizing InDesign, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Acrobat. From dummy’s to thumbnails and blads, we strongly feel content drives design.

The design and establishment of style guides and grids for all projects is important for the entire team. With everyone using the same style guide, someone can take a day off and the work can continue. Order is needed to schedule, write, produce and play by.

Interaction with writers, researchers and editors for photo and illustration scrap, layout design and comps are essential for accurate finished product delivery of charts, graphs, art and info-graphics.

Trafficking text, pages and layouts along with photo identification, labeling, sizing and organizing may sound old fashioned, but a practical working knowledge and experience doing this will make the publications department a more organized and manageable work space for all those involved with the project.

Overseeing and procuring traditional and computer illustrations and photography from originals to royalty-free or stock as needed, help to set a budget for the project and remain professional.

Extensive experience with soft pdf and hard color-proof Match-prints and Blue lines is important, especially if the finished product is a high dollar item. Working with a professional copywriter and proofreader before hand is important. Color correcting your monitor to match the printers electronic PDF color proof icc profiles is essential. Pre-press knowledge including printing press configurations, impositions and most paper stocks will help you achieve the nicest finished product with-in your budget. We even do press checks.

Overseeing continuity and quality control of work, maintaining harmony and good cheer especially in extreme pressure situations, such as juggling multiple projects with simultaneous deadlines is important.

We are deadline oriented.

In a Nut Shell —

What Can We Do For You? Cheerful, Results Oriented,
Award Winning, Competent, Organized, Conceptual.

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About Us

The last couple of years have been hard on all businesses. Many had to cut their graphics/publications department. However, you can’t be stagnant forever, or you will fold.

Rand & Rawson Studios fills a niche that many businesses
are really starting to need — especially since they are in a pinch. A graphics department with the computers, printers, software, hardware and the experienced talent needed right now that the majority of businesses have had to let go of or sold off. We are the ticket to get the ball rolling again.

We are here and happy to help.

Our Philosophy:

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